Click Pro Acceptance

     As I sit here thinking about how quickly this year has passed so far, I am so grateful for all of the opportunities and accomplishments I have achieved. Last year, I had a few different goals in mind for 2018. Ending 2017 felt bittersweet because it was such an amazing year for our family. We traveled across the country, I drove up a mountain for the first time in my life,  I met one of my best friends and business partner, I grew leaps and bounds in my personal work, my kids attended their first summer camp, Adelyn met the bird of her dreams up close and personal (peregrine falcon), Brian started at his current company of employment, which has been nothing short of amazing, and so much more. This year, we've taken a much slower pace, though just as wonderful. We are adding the last little human member to our family, I've had the opportunity twice to be published in Arkansas Life Magazine, and yesterday I received my acceptance letter to Click PRO.

     Click PRO is a network of highly skilled photographers and artists only attainable by submitting a portfolio of at least 150 photographs to be judged by an extensive ruberic.  For years, I have learned and continued to be inspired by the women that proudly wear the PRO badge. I never actually thought I would come close to having the skill level to apply. However, as I have grown in my photography journey, I decided about a year and a half ago that I would start building a portfolio to submit. I gave myself a date to submit last October, but decided that I wasn't quite ready when that date arrived. So, I continued to tweak and build my images, trying to use only my best and looking through them over and over. Fast forward to almost two weeks ago when I finally decided, "eh, why not?" Let me tell you, once I hit that submit button, my eyes became 25 times more critical of my work. I have looked through my submission album daily to pick myself apart and recognize how I can improve. Then, yesterday, having one of the worst pregnancy headaches to date, I received the email to notify me of my acceptance or rejection. I took a deep breath and opened to read, "Congratulations!" I did it. I was accepted.

     It is slowly starting to sink in that I have achieved something I have been dreaming about for years. I remember when I bought my first big girl camera and my only intentions were to just get "decent" pictures of my children. I still struggle with self-doubt, feeling intimidated to submit my work, and comparing myself to all the incredibly talented photographers I follow. I love this community of creatives though and the support they offer to each other.

     We are getting ready to pack up for a little weekend vacation, but I can't wait to really dig into all that Click PRO has to offer when we return. You can see my accepted set of photos here


Click Pro Member Badge
Christie Klepper