Welcome 2018

Well, we've made it through the first week of the new year. It's funny how time flies all year except when it's freezing outside. I have to admit, I am not a fan of cold weather. Most days, I spend a ridiculous amount of time daydreaming about laying on a warm beach and sipping cocktails. Maybe, one day that stay-cation life will become a reality.

   Anyway, I am very pumped about this brand new year! Like most of you, I have made some resolutions, that I may or may not keep. Eat out less, save more money for travel, be happier, put up with less shit from people who don't bring me any joy...ect. However, I am really here to tell you about my photography goals. The biggest one is my P365. That basically just means I need to shoot EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year!
So far, I've only missed one day of picking up my camera, which I'm letting slide, due to the terrible weather. I will NOT give up, though.

   I also plan to get in front of my lens a hell of a LOT more this year. You see, I realized that I have all of these beautiful photos of my family without me. One day, when I'm gone, I want my children to have photos with me by their side. It's so easy for me to get caught up in life and not want a photo taken because I don't look a certain way. But when I look back at photos of my grandparents, who have passed, I don't notice what they were wearing or their hair or any of the silly shit we worry about. I just remember them. I remember who they were, and I treasure all those photos.

  The last thing I want to touch on, is our photography community. Photography has not only helped me bond with some amazing people all over the world, but also right here in my own area. It brought me Rachel, one of my best friends and my business partner. This industry can feel lonely, competitive, and isolating at times. We are all trying to make it and it's freaking HARD. I am not the most successful person when it comes to getting clients and making money, but I LOVE being a photographer. I'm passionate and every other person I know, working their ass off everyday at this is just as passionate. With that being said, I really, desperately want to expand my photographer friendships here in Arkansas. I know we have an amazing group of people, and I want to meet you all! I want to shoot with you all and make bonds that last a lifetime.  So, one of my goals, even though, I am NOT even close to being popular, is to bring a good group together at some point this year, just to shoot, have fun, and learn from each other. I don't know when, or where just yet, but I am going to make it happen.

   Okay, now that I have poured some of my heart, here are my photos from this week. Another goal: Actually get some photos of the boys! Eek, the girls are all about it, but those boys make it difficult haha.


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