April 14, 2018

Spring. One of my favorite seasons. Possibly my very favorite. It's slowly creeping into Arkansas. The season of new beginnings and babies. I know I promised myself I would blog a lot more this year, and I still plan to, but I thought I would let you guys know why I've been so quiet the past few months. (If you don't already know)

Our family has certainly experienced some changes, in a good way! We recently brought home two baby goats to love. They are freaking adorable and have captured our hearts. However, the number one reason I have been hiding out away from the world, is simply because I have been incredibly exhausted and sick. I've been trying to rest as my body is working very hard to grow one more tiny human. Yes, we are adding one more sweet baby to our tribe. And we are thrilled.

I am over the moon about being able to give birth this October. To just hold one more precious newborn in my arms. There is also something comforting knowing, without a doubt, that this will be our last time on this journey. The last chapter of pregnancy and tiny babies in our family. I feel so lucky and thankful I have been able to experience this so many times.

Now that I am entering my second trimester, starting to feel somewhat normal again, I am hoping to get back into the swing of working and my photography and film projects. Some days are still harder than others, but overall much better than just a few short weeks ago.

Christie Klepper