About Me

Hello there, my name is Christie and I am a coffee and meme addict.  I also have five, yes five, children. They are my world along with their dad. We are also a bit fond of animals. Two dogs, two cats and a few chickens here and there are also part of our crazy family.
My passions and hobbies include: Telling stories with my camera, Homeschooling my wild herd, Encouraging women in pregnancy and birth (I'm not a doula, but I love them), Homebirth (I've had two), Traveling anywhere and everywhere, Reading young-adult/aka preteen novels, Laughing until my stomach hurts at highly inappropriate content {Memes}, Psychology (I just find it fascinating and sad at the same time), And striving to advocate LOVE for every human. Come sit with me, lets joke, lets play, lets make memories through a lens.